CNN’s View of Japan

January 16, 2009

I’ve commented on this phenomenon before. I sit here in Japan reading and watching the news.  We’ve got the full gambit of news. Top stories include the brutal murder of a professor on a college campus, Diet members sneaking cameras into closed-door meetings, internet death threats against a champion Sumo wrestler, a sex scandal involving Prime Minister Aso’s deputy chief cabinet secretary…

But what do we get from CNN?

This: Dad Impersonating Son in Exam Arrested

Certainly this is one of those news-of-the-weird type stories… there may even be a bittersweet angle to the story of a father wanting his son to get a license to work in a pharmacy so they could work together… but there’s much more going on in Japan than

Although someone at CNN seems to be very interested in the phenomenon of the host and hostess clubs in Japan, there don’t seem to be a lot of articles depicting what people in Japan are really talking about around the water coolers of Japan.

I’m not complaining though, hopefully I can help fill the gap.