Strange Spin on the Gas Price Reduction Story

April 2, 2008

Watching the news on tv these past few days, I was surprised to see several stories that showed the temporary reduction in gas prices (which is something closer to tax relief than an actual reduction) as something NEGATIVE!

One story was about a bicycle shop owner who claimed that business was finally looking up because of the high gas prices, and now that prices are down for a while he’s worried about whether he can make it through the next few months.

Another story was about how some gas stations are afraid to advertise their low prices because they don’t want to sell out all of their gas and make their regular customers buy gas somewhere else.

Now, I’m no businessman, and I’m terrible with personal finances, but isn’t selling all of your wares a GOOD thing? Can’t they ask the supplier for an early delivery if they are running low? I’ve experienced this a few times in Japan. Although a given product was in stock, a certain number were being held to be sold the next day.

The reasoning? “Because someone may come to buy it tomorrow.”

My reasoning? (speaking slowly) “I will buy it today!”

There are also a few gas stations who seem to be taking off the extra tax, but then adding a few yen per liter just for the sake of greed, but that’s to be expected.

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1 Mike Harmon April 2, 2008 at 1:13 am

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