Reports of Toyota Problems Also Being Investigated in Japan

February 4, 2010

Asahi News in Japanese reports that the problems plaguing Toyota’s cars extend all the way to the new Prius models, but one of the most significant understatements in the article are reports that there were 2 incidences in Japan in which drivers in Prius new model cars were unable to stop at crosswalks. These are currently being investigated.

Car companies in Japan usually work these problems out by sending a little postcard asking you to come in at your convenience to fix the life-threatening problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these have already been sent out by Toyota hoping to quietly resolve the problem at home.

All 2010 produces sold in the US and Japan were produced in Japan, so any problems in the cars in one country are highly probable to be problems in the other. 102 brake problems with the new Prius have been reported in the U.S.