New Pepsi Mont Blanc Sounds Perfect for Christmas

October 26, 2010

The newest Pepsi limited edition flavor is Pepsi Mont Blanc. For those of you with a sweet tooth, you know that Mont Blanc refers to something like a chestnut cream (or something made with marron, which I believe to be a large European chestnut used in French cakes… however I am not a foodie so if I’m wrong, please correct me).

The name Mont Blanc comes from the fact that the cake made with this chestnut cream is designed in the shape of a mountain.

I expect the new Pepsi Mont Blanc to be a chestnut cream flavored soda inspired by the cake whose name it shares. I have not yet seen it in the wild yet, so if anyone has tried it, please report in!

This soda follows on the heels of past Pepsi’s such as the Baobab Pepsi and Cucumber Pepsi, Azuki Pepsi, and my least favorite Shiso flavored Pepsi.

I hope that Pepsi is smart enough to market this as a Christmas drink to be imbibed with your traditional Christmas meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken and overpriced sponge cake!

… and if you happen to be a fan of chestnut flavored things, and happen to be in a Starbucks (or other place that sell them) in Japan, please treat yourself to a Marron Glace (or Glazed Chestnuts). Very very sweet and very very good.

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