Japanese Bodyguard Service Featuring George W. Bush on English Homepage

April 25, 2008

So I’m watching tv tonight, having dinner… I’m watching Kin-Suma(Kinyobi Smap) and they were doing a profile of different women with interesting careers. One woman was a woman who test drives the new models of Nissan cars. Another woman was an ex-champion table tennis player.

Yet another woman came on wearing a black suit. A lot of the hints about her job seemed to imply her job might be sexual in nature… she has to go to her client’s hotel room, people will be surprised to hear what her job is, she does her job for the rich and famous, and so on.

It turns out that she’s a bodyguard for a company called Tokyo Patrol. Me, being bored on a Friday night, I flip on the computer and search for it. It turns out they have an English homepage as well so I click the link.

Tokyo Patrol English Page

So what’s on the top page?

This picture:

It looks like they do bodyguard work for victims of domestic violence, recent divorces, bodyguarding children, and things like that in addition to just bodyguarding rich or famous people.

I was just surprised to see the Bush photo… I wonder if they do work for the U.S. government… but you’d imagine the Secret Service would be accompanying the president in Japan as well.

For the record, I haven’t found anything written in English or Japanese that implies President Bush used the bodyguard service.

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