Gyoza Scare, Trust, and CO-OP

February 5, 2008

As of this writing the tainted gyoza (chinese dumpling) is unsolved. It’s not known whether the chemicals were put into the gyoza in China or Japan. Needless to say that when the story first broke, it was all about China. I blame the reactionary, business-minded media… luckily Japanese and Chinese officials are talking about the issue. Hopefully the media will calm down and stop trying to hype it that food made in China was bad.

People that live in Japan probably know the supermarket called CO-OP. The thing about this place is that it bills itself as a “cooperative”, meaning that customers come first, and customers have a say in the way the stores work. Therefore a lot of people really trust CO-OP. I’ve heard people say that they prefer shopping there even though it’s a little more expensive because they can trust the food they buy there…

Problem is that every time a food scare comes out CO-OP is one of the distributors involved. Now we have a direct case of the customers concerned being ignored in the gyoza case. If Co-op had acted, a lot of people could have avoided the tainted dumplings!

Co-op ignored evidence of contaminated gyoza

Anybody remember the Meat Hope scandal a few months ago, in which a beef croquet maker was caught using PIG HEARTS(!) instead of beef, and COW BLOOD to make it look red and delicious!

Co-op was one of the main distributors!

If you read the above story, I think it’s one of the earlier ones (maybe before Co-op convinced members of the media that they didn’t need to keep mentioning Co-op)

Here’s a gorier one (in Japanese) with recent admissions about what they did… it’s in Japanese, but gives a lot of details about the case, including illegal accounting and nepotism in the Meat Hope company (for example, wife’s retirement pay is 80,000,000 yen).

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