Gas Prices Drop 25 yen per liter in Japan for the Time Being

April 1, 2008

Gas prices in Japan dropped about 25 yen per liter from about 149 yen per liter to about 124 yen per liter.

All of Japan is abuzz… people are even drinking gas because it’s cheaper than sake! (OK that one’s an exaggeration, but I think you get the point.

However, let’s put this into perspective!

According to the average cost of regular gasoline in the U.S. today is 3.286 dollars per gallon.

Since, conveniently, we can be pretty accurate doing a 100 yen to $1 conversion… Now we’re looking at $1.24 per liter. One more conversion and we find out that

Costs$4.69 per Gallon

People are practically dancing in the streets because for 1 or 2 short months, gas will be reduced from $5.64 per gallon!
The kicker is that in June it’ll probably go back up to the original price, or maybe more if the big gas companies in Japan think they can find an excuse to go up to $6 a gallon!

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