Baobab Pepsi – The Newest Experiment in Colas

April 28, 2010

Pepsi has come out with it’s newest entry into the carbonated beverage pool with “Baobab” Pepsi. To be honest, I haven’t had this yet, and can’t imagine what the flavor might be. The baobab tree fruit is one of the new kids on the block in terms of flavors (off the African continent, that is) and is purported to be a good flavor for use in smoothies. I’ve heard it described as something close to tamarinds or grapefruits. It’s a citrus fruit so the Baobab fruit flavored Pepsi may end up being as big a hit as some of the lemon-lime type sodas.

I’ve tried the Shiso Pepsi (Green Perilla), the Azuki Pepsi, and was surprised to say that it was worth drinking. I only made it through a few sips of the Cucumber Pepsi, or the Ice Cucumber Pepsi before deciding to share the experience with others. It wasn’t bad at all, but requires a true love of the unadulterated, unseasoned, naked flavor of cucumber juice… carbonated.

Well, Baobab is out with it’s Africa-themed bottle. If anyone has the chance to try it, please enlighten us with the comments and feel free to link to your own review if you’ve got one.