Tomorrow’s Joe Live Action Movie Scam Going On?

August 15, 2010

I was writing an article for this blog about the new live action version of Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita no Joe) one of Japan’s most popular manga ever.

While visiting the official website of the movie, I noticed a large and pronounced button marked “Warning”. Hoping it was maybe some advance release scenes or some other awesomeness, I clicked it.

All that came up was a pop-up with plain text explaining that casting for Tomorrow’s Joe has already finished, and that if anyone posing as a casting agent or other person involved in the film emails you saying that they are still casting the film, and interested parties should send money to a certain bank account, it is a scam.

I haven’t heard any mention in the news about this scam, but it is so large and pronounced on an otherwise plain website without any animation or videos. In fact the only thing you can check on the website is the button next to the “Warning” one (and exactly the same size! that provides a list of the major cast members.)

The button on the right is the one that says “warning”. That’s a pretty big warning if it gets equal billing with the movie’s story and cast!