Takashi Okamura Set to Return to Mecha Ike Tomorrow

November 27, 2010

A few weeks ago, the popular comdy skit show Mecha Ike added new members to their cast.

More good news for fans of the show was recently released. Takashi Okamura of the manzai pair “Ninety-nine” will be returning to the show as of November 27. The show has been missing one of its most physical, quick-witted, and important members since July 9th of this year.

After being hospitalized for something that has never been publicly announced, Okamura spent 4 months receiving treatment, and is ready to return.

One of he best comments on the story I’ve read mentioned that he funniest thing Mecha Ike could do would be to fire all of the new members at once now that the original cast is back in full.

Hopefully the 40 year old comedian will be back in his original form and ready to take on some of the characters he’s established as mainstays on the show.