Takashi Miike Slated for 3D Remake of Classic Film Harakiri

September 19, 2010

This is definitely something for fans of the samurai genre to look forward to. The classic film “Harakiri” will be remade by prolific director Takashi Miike, a mainstay at international film festivals.

This project, according to a report by SlashFilm will be Miike’s first venture in 3D filming, making it a very significant addition to his catalog.  It remains to be seen how the story of Harakiri will be adapted to make use of the 3D technology… and what kind of funding he will get for the project.

The original film “Harakiri” has a somewhat complicated plot following the story of one ronin in particular (Hanshiro Tsugumo), among other ronin and samurai who want to (and in some cases do not want to) keep their honor and commit suicide in the traditional samurai manner. I won’t say more for people who have not yet seen the film.

A trailer for the original version of Harakiri is shown below.

I first heard of this from SlashFilm:

Prolific Japanese Director Takashi Miike Plans His First 3D Film: a Remake of Harakiri