Japanese Video Game Arcade Documentary “100 Yen” Coming Soon

April 12, 2012

If you’ve been to Japan and walked through one of the drinking districts or shopping districts or malls or most any place with a good amount of foot traffic, you may have been tempted to slip inside and drop a few hundred yen into a video game. The popularity of public arcades lives on in Japan despite the popularity of hand held and at-home video games. You can still drop a few coins in a machine and play traditional Taiko drums to the beat of the theme from Totoro if you like.

A very fun and interesting looking documentary is on the horizon and still looking for funding according to the web site. Looks like a well made, well researched film and I’d just like to link to it here and wish the makers my best. Looking forward to seeing it when it comes to my local Netflix or other streaming service!


The film is 100 Yen – the Japanese Arcade Experience (link goes to their website).

Check out the teaser trailer embedded below:

100 Yen: The Teaser Trailer from Strata Studios on Vimeo.