Billy Blanks and Tomoko Blanks Osaka Wedding Photo

June 21, 2009

I didn’t know this news would be so popular when I first wrote about Billy Blanks getting married and deciding to settle in Osaka, but it seems to be a story people are really interested in. I also put up pictures of the happy baby of Billy and Tomoko Blanks (the photos were on the hospital web site).

Recently Billy Blanks and his new wife Tomoko had their wedding ceremony and pictures of the wedding have been released to the media. Here’s a shot of the happy couple:

He looks really really good for a 53 year old guy. If a little Billy’s Boot Camp and Tai Bo makes you that fit for that long, I may have to find some DVDs on Yahoo Japan auctions.

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1 Wendy McPhatter December 19, 2010 at 7:45 am

To Billy Blanks and Tomoko Blanks:
I would like to congratulate both of you and to let you know that your daughter is very beautiful………..I wish you both the best in life has to offer. May GOD bless you and keep you both in Wedding bliss for years to come. Keep up the good work on your TAEBO project. I love all of your workouts. Please do not stop. Please email me so I know that you received my comment. Thank you. Please give the lil princess a kiss for me.

Wendy McPhatter