Youtube Japan Mobile Now Supports Longer Videos

April 7, 2009

Until today, if you tried to watch a Youtube video over a certain length in Japan, you were probably given an error message.

Starting today Youtube Japan is offering the longer videos broken up into sections, so that videos of any length are now available on all three mobile carriers.

Most Softbank and AU KDDI phones with 3G support can use the new Youtube features. Also, NTT Docomo 900 series, 703i series, and the 0xA series are said to be able to show these videos.

Other new features include the ability to upload videos taken on the cell phone from the cell phone itself, and to sign in using the same username and password as you do on a PC to get personalized service and access to your favorites, subscribed channels, and recommended videos.

So today I fired up youtube on my old AU KDDI phone (old, but 3G enabled) and I even had the option to change the language to English. Next I got a warning that although Youtube is free, I may be charged extra by my carrier if I am not on an unlimited data plan.

I searched for a video I knew would be over 3 minutes long (Happy Days Episode 1 Part 1 which is about 10 minutes), and could not watch it on my phone. For what its worth here’s the announcement from Youtube Japan on the Youtube Japan Official Blog.
Youtube Japan Mobile – Watching Videos in Parts 3 Carrier Support

Anybody have a phone new enough to get this? I’ll give it a try again in a few days to see if there was a change. My phone is, as I said 3G, but it’s over a year old.

I’m fine though. I’ve got my old T5 with 15 hours of battery life for all my mobile video watching needs (which admittedly are not really that many). In fact, now that I think about it, I really can’t see myself sitting and watching 10 minute long videos on my cell phone, but this newz is for those of you who might want to kill some time watching Richie Cunningham and the gang on a 3 inch screen.