Google Japan April Fool Also Powered By CADIE

April 1, 2009

Google Japan is going for laughs again like last year with their April Fool’s joke, but at least it ties in with the worldwide Google’s April Fool’s Day Cadie joke.

Of course, you should take a look at CADIE’S Intriguing Homepage to get the idea.

Japan’s version is a little less… pop culturey and a little more… “let’s not upset anybody by doing something some lunatic might actually believe-y”.

Check it out here:

川柳ーβ (Kawayanagi-beta)

Personally, I wish they had put as much fun and work into this as it seems Google did with CADIE… maybe it’s still too early to see anything cool come of this.  I hope they don’t just leave this joke as unsatisfying as last year’s google japan “oyaji gag” april fool’s joke.