Google, Docomo, AU, and the iPhone Update

December 25, 2007

In the U.S., Google’s doing a lot of things geared toward the iPhone… in Japan Google seems to have a connection with KDDI AU for cell phones. AU uses Google Search, and its email services (which I suspect uses imap) is powered by gmail.

That’s why in a previous post (“The iPhone in Japan?“) I wondered how it would work if the iPhone goes to Docomo instead of AU… well it seems that Docomo has hooked up with Google, so that question is answered. I think we are a long way from seeing something like Android here in Japan, but maybe Google is setting it’s eyes on having a hand in all the mobile internet traffic in Japan (except that it won’t touch Softbank because Softbank is Yahoo Japan).

If you really think about it, the mobile market in Japan is a lot more valuable than the online market because you have greater access to the generation of young college students, and single people who live at home with full time jobs and expendable income.

Come to think of it, I was surprised at the speed with which Google released the Japanese version of mobile adsense… come to REALLY think about it, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Sounds like Google has some people who know what they are doing here in Japan. Sounds like Google’s here to stay unlike countless companies that came and went. (I’m looking at YOU, ebay of about 10 years ago! Now, you finally got smart and hooked up with the market leader, Yahoo Japan Auctions, didn’t you!… but is English language auctions enough? Have you looked at the differences between auction manners here and there?)

As a side note: does anybody want me to write something about the differences?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what company gets the iPhone, and what kind of splash it makes, if any. Also watching the google mobile Japan adventure. Hope it goes well, because I’m definitely a Google fan. Also looking to see how iTunes in Japan continues to grow. I still think that (and the brand name) are the iPhone’s biggest selling points.

Lastly, will the iPhone have One-Seg tv reception… if not, be prepared to see the fire fizzle fast! One-seg is coming to be a given in cell phones here.

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