The New Brother E-Paper is not a Kindle Competitor

March 17, 2009

I have kindle Japan in my Google Alerts, and also the katakana for Amazon Kindle. If you read this blog, you may know that I very much want a kindle in Japan, but I’ve decided not to buy one until I have Japanese language support.

So I’m waiting for the good news from Amazon (or waiting for a comparable reader from any company). That’s why these gadget blog news blurbs about the Brother SV-100B are driving me crazy.

This thing is not expected to be a competitor for the Kindle. It’s supposed to be a heavy duty electronic manual and catalogue for salesmen and other people in industry. It costs 4 times what the expensive Kindle costs.

That being said, if Brother used the technology to make something for the average consumer, then sold it for a reasonable price there might be a market for it.

My guess however as I mentioned in a previous post is that the Japanese publishers will be very very hesitant to release electronic versions of their books.

This new Brother E-Reader is NOT a competitor for the Kindle, and I don’t think the Japanese version of the Kindle is coming all too soon despite the rumors that have been around since the first Kindle came out in the U.S.

Amazon, I’ll be happy to be proved wrong if I can get all my Japanese novels, American novels, PDFs, and other documents in multiple languages on a handy-dandy pencil thin piece of awesome.