IPAD Japan with 3G Released Through Softbank

May 8, 2010

The 3G version of the Apple’s iPad is scheduled to be released for use with none other than the obvious carrier, Softbank. Softbank is the company now hosting the growing iPhone market in Japan, and has likewise gotten the nod as the 3G provider for the iPad here.

I’ve recommended the iPad before as the best e-reader in Japan for because of it’s multi-lingual and color capabilities, coupled with the impressive number of available books.

The prices for the 3G plan range from about 2430 yen to 3530 yen per month for a two year plan. Softbank will also be providing free access to its new and growing WiFi Hotspots as a part of this plan. The price varies depending on the size of the iPad hard drive. Softbank shops, Apple Stores, and official retailers will begin taking advance orders starting May 10, 2010. They go on sale in stores on May 28th.

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