iBooks Coming to iPhone for Yet Another Japan Ebook Reader

June 8, 2010

As you know this blog follows ereaders and kindle type devices as a good way for people living in Japan to own, transport, and move with their books despite being citizens of the world.

For this reason, I like to talk about various ereaders as solutions to the problems involved with maintaining a nice large and growing library while living abroad.

The world is coming to be a much smaller place from the internet-less world I knew when I first arrived in Japan, and though I maintain a love of the old brick and mortar (or rather paper and binding) type book, an e-reader is a very practical way to keep reading without having to give up tons of books when moving back home.

Today, Apple announced the advent of the iPhone 4 along with a few more significant announcements such as the netflix application for the iPhone, and most significant to our discussion here is the upcoming release of the iBooks app on the iPhone.

This may not be the easiest or most realistic feeling way to read books, but being able to download books through iBooks and then read them on an Apple made device is yet another way to maintain an electronic library.

The iBooks application will also allow users to read PDFs which means that books that are out of copyright can be downloaded as PDFs and read through the iPad or iPhone.

Again, the point of all this is that if you can stand to read your books on an electronic device, you can make your home library extremely portable and save money on moving costs when you decide to return to your home country.