Right Wing Activist from Osaka Kills Self in Front of Japanese Diet Building

March 6, 2008

I think this story isn’t getting as much air time in Japan as it should… not because of the right wing activist angle, not because of the suicide angle, but because a guy took a taxi to the south gate of the Japanese Diet building and…

pulled out a gun

Ok, maybe I overemphasize with my reactionary centering and spacing, but I’m trying to make the point that it’s about time Japan recognizes some of the problems that are just sprouting… I mean the growing number of gun related crimes, frequent incidences of terrorism committed by Japanese nationals, and general feelings of dissatisfaction in the populace.

A lot of money is being spent now to prevent terrorists from entering Japan, but the fact is, they’re already here. The ones we have to worry about were born and raised here.

Anyway, I think the story of a guy drawing and firing a gun in front of the Japanese Diet building should be bigger than the Miura arrested in Saipan story because it shows a more frightening trend.