Killer of Former Pension Officials Arrested

November 22, 2008

A man (packing knives) parked his car near a police station and, when approached by a security guard confessed to the killings. Details have not yet been released, although the alternative news media sources (sometimes unreliablle, but often more reliable than some major news sources) are reporting that the man claimed his pet cat was killed by social services.

I’m sure we’ll have some more official details in the morning. This is currently the biggest story in the news right now.

A side note to the story (and before the Popons affair, the story I was thinking about writing) is that pretty much every channel has been trying to hype this story as a case of terrorism. They’d been using the term “renzoku tero” which would translate as “serial terrorism”.

Unsurprisingly, no one I talked to thought the stabbing murders of two former Pension officials would qualify as “serial terrorism”.

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1 jay December 1, 2008 at 1:04 pm

A little more news has come out about this as the police have talked with Koizumi and gradually released information. It appears that the pet he was so angry about was indeed a dog that his father had put to sleep for barking too much 34 years ago.

The victims were high level beaurocrats he was able to track down and follow, although he had no real interaction with them (not to mention a grudge) until the time of the murders.

Koizumi was also in possession of a map with the addresses of several other ranking health officials. He also explained that he obtained the addresses by checking public records in the Library of the National Diet.