Japanese Man kills his Filipino wife and son

March 21, 2008

This was big on the morning news shows today.

A 43 year old bus driver killed his wife and son. His wife, Crisanta, was originally from the Philippines. Some friends of the family were interviewed saying that Crisanta had talked about their families plans to sell their apartment, move to the Philippines and live off of that money after her husband retired.

Investigators are saying that the man he was having trouble sleeping because of the their 7 month old son’s crying, and that may have factored in the murder. He also reportedly said that he was depressed about his job and future.

After the murders there is evidence that he had tried to hang himself in his apartment.

Editorial note: The wife has been listed in the newspapers as “Crisanta Lopez”. I’m not sure if this is a case of the newspapers intentionally using her maiden name for some reason, or if she kept her name after marriage.