Japanese Man Arrested for Killing American At Bar Likely to Receive Leniency

March 15, 2008

The story is that Richard “Scott” Tucker walked into a bar near the apartment building he owned to complain about the noise. He was puched, kicked, and then eventually choked to death.

It seems that the perpetrator, Atsushi Watanabe, will get only “a minor punishment” because witnesses say that Tucker was trying to pick a fight. I hope that Tucker’s wife, a Japanese jewelry designer, or his friends appeal this. Even if Tucker was picking fights, even if he was drunk, are you allowed to kill the guy?

It just seems to me that beating someone to death is not the same as accidentally hitting a guy with your car. I hope this story gets enough media attention that I can report on what the punishment ends up being. Just paroll? Will the family pursue a civil case? (They should at least do that!)

How would this turn out if a Japanese guy walked into a bar in Japan, complained and threatened people, and then was beaten to death by an American? Would the American also get leniency? Anyone have an opinion about this?

Here’s a link to a story that ran in a newspaper in Charleston, WV for further background info:

City Native Dies After Attack in Japan BarĀ 

As I said, I’ll try and keep an eye on this story, and how it’s discussed in the Japanese language media as well.

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1 Dave March 15, 2008 at 2:52 pm

It is shocking how little this story is being reported, both in the Japanese and international press. And you think the reaction would have been the same if the nationalities were reversed – not a chance!