Filipina murdered and dismembered in Japan by Japanese man

April 7, 2008

Note: I emphasize that the perpetrator in this case is Japanese not because it is unlikely but to put emphasis on the fact.

While the really big news in Japan is about crimes committed by non-Japanese here, there is a lot of types of crime here which seem to be growing exponentially. Domestic Violence is rarely reported in newspapers or on tv, but there are new cases each week in which someone, a son, daughter, mother, or father, kills everyone else in the family and then attempts suicide. This is not to mention the countless cases in which parents (or the boyfriend or girlfriend of one of the parents) kills a baby.

In this case, a man killed a Filipina hostess with whom he lived. She was 22, he is 48. After the murder he cut up her body for disposal and put most of it into lockers in a building in Tokyo.

You can read the story in English here: Man Arrested for Mutilation of Filipina HostessĀ 

You’ll note that the above story also mentions that he was arrested for “illegal disposal of a body” in another case in 1999 involving a filipina hostess he was involved with. The illegal disposal conviction seems to imply that a murder conviction didn’t stick with him.

For a related story, take a look at another murder of a Filipina woman which took place just a few weeks ago (I reported it here on March 21st).

So where are the news stories about this growing trend? There may even be others I’ve missed or didn’t make it into national level news here. I’m not sure if I can find the figures, but I wonder how the number of non-Japanese women killed by Japanese men in Japan would compare with the number of Japanese women killed by non-Japanese men in Japan.

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1 jay April 7, 2008 at 1:23 pm

Here’s a link to another blog based in Japan which talks about the same story.