Chiba Police Captain Arrested for Stealing Sexy Anime Figure

January 18, 2010

A 48 year old police captain from Chiba Prefecture was arrested in Ibaraki for stealing an “bishojo” anime figurine at a recycle (second hand) shop. The figure was worth about 6,500 yen (about $71 now).

Upon his arrest, he commented “Ma ga sashite, yatte shimatta.” Which has the sound of “the devil made me do it”, but actually means something closer to giving in to your desires or not being able to control yourself. Gropers on the train and people who shoplift often use this terminology.

The stolen figure was dressed in a high school girl’s uniform. If I find out specifically which figure it was, I’ll post in the comments. If anyone knows, it might be entertaining to here.

As for the police captain, his superior commented that they want to discipline him so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. This seems to imply that he won’t be fired or taken off duty but will just be yelled at and maybe have a mark on his record.