Akihabara Killer Update

June 12, 2008

Just a few brief notes about recent news stories that have come out.

  • More message board posts from Kato have been found recently describing such things as
    • The type of girl he likes
    • His frustrations at not having a girlfriend
  • By now everyone has seen translations of some of his message board posts describing each move he made toward finally carrying out his goal. He claims now that he wanted someone to stop him. Interestingly though he ties it in with his frustration at not being noticed, he reportedly said,
    • “I kept writing different things, but no one read them.”
    • “I wanted people who read what I wrote to stop me.”
    • “I even get ignored on the internet.”
    • “I thought if I wrote this I’d be popular, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.”
    • “In real life I’m alone, on the net I’m alone.”
  • Other posts have been found saying that he wanted a girlfriend who was short and had an anime voice.