Accused Train Groper’s Accuser Made his Girlfriend Lie… Accuser Now Under Arrest

March 18, 2008

In an attempt to blackmail some money out of a random guy on the train a student from Konan University had his girlfriend accuse the poor guy of groping her. Fumiyuki Makita, a 24 year old senior was expelled from Konan University and arrested for false accusation.

(Minor sidenote: He’s a 24 year old senior. My guess is that he took a few years off to study abroad or go to a cram school to study for university exams. There could be a lot of reasons for it, but a senior in a Japanese university would normally be the same age as a senior in an American university.)

The scam they tried to perpetrate was to have Makita’s 31 year old girlfriend claim that she was groped. Then Makita, pretending not to know her would claim to be a witness. This time however, she felt bad about the accusation and confessed.

Another little sidenote you probably won’t see in the news is that the guy apparently had a blog on one of the more popular social sites in Japan (mixi) on which he wrote a lot of strange rants about politics, society, and such.