The NFL Game Pass is still the best way to legally watch NFL games from Japan. It is only available to people living outside the US, costs 27,415 yen, and lets you watch on computers and devices as well. If paying nearly 300 US dollars to watch the NFL seems a bit steep, it might be a good idea to find some friends to share the service with and split costs. Here is a screenshot of the details for this year.

Watch NFL Games Live NFL Game Pass  Watch NFL from Japan on NFL Game Pass 2014

An added bonus over years past, as you can see in the screenshot above, is access to NFL Network Live. This is especially good for the kind of fan that wants to watch all the teams and all the commentary. I haven’t seen it yet, but the condensed games also seem like an interesting way to save time when watching games you are less interested in.

This service also works if you are in other countries than Japan, and if you happen to be in the US and want this for some reason?… I recommend using a free or inexpensive VPN to get access by making it seem your computer is outside of the US.


Momotaro aka The Peach Boy is a very well known Japanese folktale. It’s most often depicted with cute characters, although the story itself is an action packed battle starring Momotaro and the monkey, pheasant, and dog he befriends in his travels.

Pepsi Japan has picked up the story and began releasing a series of commercials to advertise their calorie free Pepsi Nex. I’ve embedded them below and if you are a fan of the folklore, feudal japan movies, or monster action flicks in the vain of Godzilla you won’t be disappointed.

The videos star the extremely popular actor Shun Oguri in the lead role:

Episode 1 takes place before Momotaro has gathered his band of friends.

And there is also an Episode 0 featuring the pheasant, monkey, and dog as well.